Buoyant Double
This boss will float up and down, while summoning a ring of smaller balloons around her. There will also be a wave from below and above that will spawn diffrent kinds of pattern of ballons that will move to the other side of where they spawned. The ones around the boss will randomly explode into frost shards that will fly out in a circle. Those that didnt explode will turn into Whirlwinds that will move at a fast pace around the room. The more damage the boss has taken, the more balloons in the circle there will spawn.


Fool Me A Third Time...

Defeat A Bouyant Double after killing three Frosty Doubles

Reward: Fog (Class)


A Buoyant Double

The float walk is the highlight of the Summer Merriment. Throughout the spring, two dozen teams of students are tasked with the stitching together swatches of canvas into random curved patterns.The night before the Merriment begins, blindfolded volunteers have to assemble the various submissions together into a giant balloon.No one knows what the end result will look like until the balloon is inflated and the paraded around the school by the student body.
No one knows how one of the balloons managed to get reinflated out in the terrace, and no one remembers any of the balloons looking so much like Cordy.Then again, even before the defeat of Goneril and Regan, the house seemed to take a special interest in her.