Leafy oversight
This boss will be on the right side of the room rooted to its location, above and below him will be the black bushes you have encountered on the floors. It will fire seeds at you in a row of three, so they are easy to dodge. There is also two small rock walls that can be used to avoid its attacks. Second thing it does is it sends spores out that will travel over to the left, where they will burrow and make a flower that is of a bigger size then usual, this flower will start charging up and it will shoot you. After some time the flower will turn into a spore and start traveling back to the boss. If the spore reaches the boss then its attack will be empowered and it will start shooting more seeds per attack, this occurs up to a sixth charge where he will fire one big row and a smaller one behind it. The more damage he has taken, the more spores will spawn, so if not careful about the spores there will be too many flowers to avoid. The spores will cause confusion if hit directly.


Weeding is Overrated

Defeat A Leafy Oversight after letting him absorb 6 or more spores

Reward: Thorned Clover (Item)


A Leafy Oversight

Edgewood's groundskeepers are responsible for controlling the flora on the terraces and guaranteeing that the recreational areas remain accessible. Nonetheless, a scheduling mishap due to preparations for last year's Fall Frolic resulted in one garden disappearing from the maintenance rotation.
This same garden, however, remained in the planning documents for the Spring Melt Festivities. The first students through the gate were those leading the moonlight lantern parade. The Administrators later commented that,"while the tears of the tragedy always sting, we can at least comfort in the fact that these children were celebrating a season for flowers.