Hello there and thanks for clicking this site.

As some of you may know the current founder and only administrator of this wiki is unavailable since june. I have been asked to create a user thread for an actual adoption request, which I already created HERE.

What I basically want to do:

  • Create a banner in the top left corner
  • Create an icon to be seen in the tabs when you open a wikipage
  • Create a background for the wiki
  • Change some colors to give the wiki more of the tone of the game (More yellow colors instead of the blue color, etc.)
  • Tweak some things in the common.js and wikia.js to remove the arrows after external links (which can be seen on the frontsite - Really not a thing you want to see on the frontsite)

If you have a particular opinion about the topic and are okay with me being an admin or not, please leave a reply on this site.

I hope we can make this wiki better and I can give you guys a good environment to contribute and work in.


Nightmare Corporation Talk 09:18, February 12, 2014 (UTC)

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