Better Cordy
Better Cordy looks just like regular Cordy. This means it is possible (albeit unlikely) to confuse you with her. Try not to lose track of your location.

Better Cordy has the same attacks as basic Cordy (only better), She can shoot a stream of fireballs (two at a time) and she can use chalk (she creates more clouds than you), Better Cordy's chalk clouds are pink and they are capable of blocking your fireballs.

Better Cordy is also faster then basic Cordy. This includes both regular walking and rolling.

Better Cordy has low health for a boss (especially compared to other library bosses) however she is capable of healing a large portion of her health with juice boxes. Her supply of juice boxes is limited.

At the top of the arena are some cursed mirrors like those from the Dorms. Better Cordy can be damaged by the fireballs from these mirrors, they are the means to get the achievement for this boss if you lack your own source of non-basic damage (or if it isn't strong or reliable enough).


Stop Hitting Yourself

From v439: Defeat Better Cordy without attacking her with basic attacks.

Former achivement: Defeat Better Cordy without attacking her.

Reward: Scissors(Class)


Better Cordy

Better Cordy is like Cordy, except better in every way. It is unclear if she was created by Regan on the terrace or somehow summoned from elsewhere in the manor.
Other students in Edgewood's history have complained of dopplegangers. There was Natheniel T., who saw himself standing in a hallway with his arms crossed. Suzie G, believed that a girl with her face was following her through the dorms. Michael R. claimed that a double had attacked him in the kitchens.
In each case the students became more and more agitated and paranoid, only to smile at breakfast one morning and claim they'd forgotten the whole thing. The Administrators dismiss the phenomenon as "a pinch of student imagination mixed with a gallon of student vanity."