Bosses are special Monsters that appear in a special room at the end of every Floor. They have to be defeated in order to ascend in the floors and progress through the game.
Bosses and Locations
Boss Encountered On
Frothy The Dragon The Waking Floors, Classrooms
Some Harmless Markings Classrooms, The Waking Floors
The Arrival Day Gifts Classrooms
Cauldron of Yesterdayers Cafeteria
Candelabra of Longing Cafeteria
Sudsy the Inanimate Cafeteria
Fortress Woundwort


The Obsolete Operator Classrooms, The Waking Floors (Chapter 2)
The Frozen Few Cafeteria (Chapter 2)
Cyndar's Timekeeper Dorm (Chapter 2)
The Disciplined Dorm (Chapter 2)
The Friendly Footstools Dorm (Chapter 2)
Regan Terrace (Chapter 2)
A Leafy Oversight Terrace (Chapter 3)
The Brick Pile Terrace (Chapter 3)

The Virtuoso

Dorm (Chapter 3)

The Winged Overseer Terrace (Chapter 3)
A Buoyant Double Terrace (Chapter 4)
Dr. Bloodfather Library
The Malady Ward Library
The Imaginaries Library
Better Cordy Library
The Administrator Highest Library
His Natural Defenses Paper Vortex