"The stairs are littered with rags and scraps of paper, signs of a Brogg encampment. Chunks of the banister are missing and someone's been prying up the nails from the floor. Hunger and desperation have driven these students to hunt in packs with improvised weapons. Stay away from the shadows and you'll be fine. We assure you that these are some of the friendliest students at Edgewood."

The meeker students hid themselves after the adults vanished, settling into the secret places around the manor while their stronger peers battled in the halls. Over time they grew feral, navigating the school through scent and instinct. The others call them the Broggs. Rumors of fangs and claws are mere hearsay, but we still recommend that you avoid their territory.

lore Edit

After massacring their enemies in the aftermatch of the Disappearance, Goneril and Regan turned on many of their own followers.
These students were strong enough to survive the initial disappearance of the teachers, but too weak to carve a place for themselves in the new hierarchies of Capulets and Woundworts.
Expelled and haunted, they fled to Edgewood's darkest corners. Over time they grew feral, navigating the school through scent and instinct.
The other factions now call them the Broggs.
The Broggs tend to attack from the shadows, ambushing unwary visitors with a hail of rocks and thumbtacks. As of yet, there is no evidence to support rumors of fangs and claws.
Despite their lack of strategy or leadership, the Broggs control the lowerst floors of the building and many of the abandoned classrooms.
They are the scariest students in Edgewood except for all the others.