Candelabra of Longing

The Candelabra of Longing is a Chapter 1 boss found on Cafeteria floors.

The FightEdit

Upon entering the room, the boss will begin floating around in a circular pattern, firing off green flames at Cordy. The flames, although easy to dodge from a distance, can become difficult to maneuver around when closer to the boss. The floor is also littered with caltrops as an added obstacle. Occasionally, the boss will shut off the lights in the room, leaving it illuminated by only a few spotlights shining on the floor.

As the only source of light, it makes dodging projectiles more difficult without hitting any of the caltrops hidden in the dark. The boss's constant movement can be difficult at times, and players with low damage levels may find that the fight takes a while to complete .

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode this boss spawns Tack Dropper and it swings faster.


Afraid of the Dark

Defeat the Candelabra of Longing without leaving the light

Unlocks: Hide and Seek (Lesson)


Candelabra of Longing

The Candelabra of Longing is a large chandelier that hangs above one of the many assembly halls. Students, against the recommendations of their peers, will sometimes scribble requests of slips of paper and toss them up to burn in the candles. Rumor has it that the lantern will grant these requests, but at some unknown cost to the supplicant. While the Administrators claim that the practice is "just one of the unique and harmless traditions that set Edgewood apart," naysayers point to the worrisome hand-like shapes in the flames and the way that the chain doesn't actually connect to anything on the ceiling.


Candelabra of Longing (Hard Mode)

Candelabra of Longing (Hard Mode)