Chalk is a consumable that is used by Cordy in order to attack enemies or block enemy attacks. Cordy starts with one chalk already in her inventory and can increase the amount of chalk with which she starts by donating money to the Guidance Counselor. The Chalk clouds generated by Cordy can even heal herself or start shooting if she has collected items to activate these effects.

Enemy Chalk CloudsEdit


Enemy chalk clouds are a hazard created by enemies such as Chalk Clappers, or from the boss Some Harmless markings. Enemy chalk cloulds appear white, (unlike clouds spawned by the player which are blue in color,) and drift towards Cordy dealing damage on contact. After a certain amount of time, a chalk cloud will flicker and then disappear.

Green VariantEdit

Chalk Clapper leaders will produce green chalk clouds instead of the usual white ones. These behave similarly to normal clouds, but if Cordy touches them, in addition to dealing damage they will reverse the directions of her movement controls for a few seconds (question marks will appear over Cordy's head while this is in effect).

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