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Classes are upgrades which are equipped at the start of a game and last for the entire run. Initially, all classes are locked and must be unlocked through achievements. Once unlocked, you must purchase a class using credits before you can equip it. Each class requires one or more periods to equip. Periods are also granted by achivements and by the guidance counselor.

List of ClassesEdit

ShynessWhispersQuaffablesHide And SeekMercantilismLine-CuttingMudArtCriticismRegretDuckingVistasSeverityGulpingRevengeHailstormsSugarsShoelacesHackingCrownsVanishingFogScissorsSchadenfreudeNon-RenewablesFoamCartographyHard ModeEmptinessPotato EffigyRecallBeing ScaredPre-CombusterPowerStorytimeClassSchedule
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Name Effect Periods Tuition Cost Unlocked By
Shyness Gain 50% range when standing still. 1 15 Killing Some Harmless Markings with chalk
Whispers Gain up to 20% extra crit chance when near an enemy. 1 15 Dying once
Quaffables Start with two extra juice boxes. 1 15 Collect the Gourmet Turtle and the Wandering Crab in the same run.
Hide and Seek Start with 35% more roll speed. 1 25 Killing Candelabra of Longing while staying in the light.
Mercantilism Start with 8 tokens. 1 25 Finish Sudsy the Inanimate with his own glacial spike.
Line-Cutting Start at level 2. 1 25 Killing Box of Nice Things while all other gifts are alive.
Mud Enables shooting while rolling. 1 25 Defeat Goneril.
Art Start with three additional pieces of chalk. 1 50 Donate 1500 credits to the guidance advisor
Criticism Critical hits now cause 2.5x damage. 1 50 Defeat The Obsolete Operator with five or more trash can Broggs still alive.
Regret Doubles invulnerable time after taking damage. 1 50 Defeat Cyndar's Timekeeper without using a time bubble.
Ducking Gain an extra 25% dodge while rolling. 1 100 Defeat The Friendly Foot Stools without taking damage.
Vistas Each floor is increased by three rooms. 1 100 Hold at least 40 tokens.
Severity Enemies deal 50% more damage. but gain a scaling bonus for each floor completed. 1 100 Defeat The Disciplined King in under 75 seconds.
Gulping Using a juice box within one second of being hit has a 50% chance to double the healing. 1 100 Complete Chapter 2.
Revenge Taking damages grants 1.5x attack speed and move speed for 3s. 2 150 Defeat The Winged Overseer with 10 or more small birds still alive.
Hailstorms Chalk cloud kills always yield coins 2 150 Defeat a Feral cat Champion
Sugars Juice box confers 3s of invincibility. 2 150 Defeat The Brick Pile without letting any slime return.
Shoelaces Player disables are reduced in duration by 90%. Speed increased by 15%. 2 150 Defeat The Administrators four times.
Hacking Extra vending machine slot. 20% chance of extra vending machine spawn. 2 150 Kill 300 enemies across multiple games.
Crowns 50% likelihood of extra champion per floor. 2 150 Reach the end of Chapter 2 without using a vending machine.
Vanishing Cordy's roll is replaced with a teleport. 2 150 Complete Chapter 3.
Fog Using chalk creates an extra cloud that enshrouds Cordy. 3 300 Defeat A Buoyant Double after killing three Frosty Doubles.
Scissors On-use items deal 2x damage. 3 300 Defeat Better Cordy without attacking it with basic attacks.
Schadenfreude Every 3 enemy kills increase Cordy's max health by 1 permanently. 3 300 Defeat The Imaginaries with less than 50 move speed remaining.
Non-renewables Start with 777 life, damages reduces health permanently. 3 300 Uncover both Goneril's Mallet and Regan's Lunchbox.
Foam Items with durability last 5x as long. 3 300 Complete chapter 3 without rolling.
Cartography Floor map is revealed. 3 300 Collect every single piece of lore.
Hard Mode Everything in Edgewood grows stronger... 3 300 Complete Chapter 4.
Emptiness Chalk now also clears the room of regular enemies. 4 600 Finish off Specialist Fenwick with at least four patients unconcious.
Potato Effigy Start with an extra life. 4 600 Get a ten game win streak
Recall Memory room will spawn with very high frequency. 4 600 Defeat His Natural Defenses after killing 21 spawned enemies.
Being Scared Roll is replaced with a haste effect. Adds 10% starting crit and move speed. 4 600 Beat the game in under 1 hour.
Pre-Combuster 50% cooldown reduction on all on-use items. 4 600 Complete Hard Mode in under an hour .
Power Basic attacks are larger and can now destroy objects. Adds 30 damage. 4 600 Complete Hard Mode without using any Juice Boxes
Storytime Participants issued a practical item for getting out of tricky situations. (Electro-Distorter) 4 600 Complete all other achievments