Critical Chance is the chance to score a critical hit, which is 2x the damage of a regular hit. It can be applied to all damage Cordy does, including basic attacks, chalk clouds, bubbles, and trapstem rose

Critical Chance boostsEdit

Whispers (Lesson)- raises critical hit chance by up to 20% when close to an enemy

Criticism (Lesson)- Raises damage of critical hits to 2.5x damage

Gold Star (Item) - Raises critical hit chance by 10%

Smiley Face (Item) - Raises critical hit chance by 15%

Animal Sticker (Item) - Raises critical hit chance by 20%

Merit Bracelet (Item) - Successfully defeating 6 enemies without missing grants 20% additional critical hit chance

Fragile Glassware (Item) - Sets Crit chance to 100%. Breaks after taking 90 damage

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