Dr. Bloodfather


Hard ModeEdit

In Hard Mode Dr. Bloodfather's life drain will increase from 1 damage to 3.


Just a Scratch

From v439: Defeat Dr. Bloodfather with less than 13 health remaining.

Former achivement: Defeat Dr. Bloodfather with less than 10 health remaining.

Reward: Hand of the Bloodfather (Item)


Dr. Bloodfather

Dr. Bloodfather was originally responsible for teaching several of Edgewood's chemistry seminars. After a series of mysterious and self-destructive experiments, however, he scarcely resembled a teacher at all. The Administrators turned a deaf ear to early complaints about his underlit classroom, obsession with blood, and omnious name.
The missing student lab assistants were harder to ignore, however, as was the way that his left hand had detached itself from his arm.
The Administrators, weighing the evidence, promoted him to Dean of the Sciences.
Some find is disconcerting that Dr.Bloodfather didn't disappear with the rest of the faculty. Admittedly, his classes generally end less than a month into the semester, once the last student has gone mysteriously absent.