Feral cats are a special and very rare type of enemy that can appear on any floor. They always occupy no more than one room per floor and never have other enemies mixed in. They move by short-ranged hops and fire a large blue fireball when they land. The cats will constantly repeat this hop-shot pattern, never staying still for long.

Leader variantEdit

Sometimes (close to never, unless the player has the Crowns lesson and/or any other means of increasing the amount of leaders on the floor) a leader cat will spawn. Defeating him will grant you the "Fight Me Meow" achivement and unlock the Hailstorms lesson. This can be somewhat difficult, especially if he spawns early and is not alone.

He will shoot some (six?) projectiles, compacted into tight cone, and create green, fast-moving (even faster than those from Chalk Clapper leaders) confusion clouds when Cordy is nearby (up to 2 clouds can exist at same time).

Leader names: Edit

Cathartic Caterwauler

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