Guidance Counselor

You can visit the guidance counselor between games in order to seek advice. Not that you'll get any, because it's just a lifeless scarecrow slumped behind a desk. There is a credit donation jar, however.

Donating credits to the guidance counselor may grant you some benefit — these range from unlocking new lessons, to extra periods, to starting with more of some consumable. Every other donation will give you a benefit. Each time you recieve a new benefit, the price of donating to the Counselor increases.

List of Guidance Counselor CounselEdit

  • 100 Credits Donated: +1 Class period
  • 300 Credits Donated: +1 Starting chalk
  • 1500 Credits Donated: Art Class Unlocked
  • 2550 Credits Donated: +1 Starting chalk
  • 3600 Credits Donated: Juice Box Capacity +1
  • 5000 Credits Donated: Thank You Cards (Items)
  • 10000 Credits Donated: Extra Class Period