Hovercrabs are an enemy from The Gifted faction that appear on the Terraces. As the name implies they are levitating enemies. They have 3 objects, (usually pans, ladles, shovels and hammers) orbiting around them that will block attacks, similar to the Swirler's chairs (however, unlike said chairs, they cannot be destroyed by prop-breaking attacks).

Hovercrabs attack by chasing you and dealing contact damage, occasionally shooting out 3 projectiles (indicated by raising its claws) in a cone shaped pattern.

Leader variantEdit

Its seems that leader hovercrabs have two behavior patterns: they either just chase player or shoot as fast as they can. Also they shoot thrice in a row.

Leader names: Edit

The Unparalleled Park

M P Lodestone

Magnetic Mary

Hard modeEdit

Hard mode hovercrabs shoots more often and prepare shots faster.

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