Items improve Cordy's stats or grant some special effect. They can be found in chests,dropped by defeated leaders or bought from vending machines. Most items grant a passive effect, but some must be activated manually.

There is an Item Log in the upgrades menu (accessed from the main menu) that shows all of the items you have grabbed and their effects.

Active Items (On-Use)Edit

These items go into the E-slot; you can only carry one at a time. Picking up a new active item will leave the previously equipped item on the ground.

Passive ItemsEdit

These items grant you new abilities and modify your character's stats once you have picked them up. There is no limit to how many you can collect.

Merit ItemsEdit

Merit items are passive items with an associated challenge. The item starts granting its bonus once the challenge has been completed, and the number of kills towards the bonus will be indicated in the menu (C) when you scroll over the item icon with your mouse.

Fragile ItemsEdit

There are several items described as "fragile". These grant a significant bonus, but are destroyed after Cordy takes a certain amount of damage while carrying them.

Item ListEdit

Active Item ListEdit

Name Icon Effect
Apple Experiment
Destroys all projectiles (including Cordy's).
Admin's Enigma
Permanently trades 20 health for other stats. (Randomly selects: crit chance & range, damage & resist, or move & attack speed)
Broken Mirror
Broken mirror
Summons fiery familiars.
Cyndar's Time Key
Cyndar timekey
Slows down time.
Electro distorter
Uses a token to reset the vending machine.
Goblet of Yesterdayers
Goblet yesterdayers
Fires three blobs of leftovers which damage enemies and destroy some hazards and obstacles.
Goneril's Mallet
Goneril mallet

While held, all normal attacks deal 25% more damage.

(This item takes up the active item slot, although it has only a passive effect)

Hallow Day's Call
Emanates ghostly music.
Hand of the Bloodfather

Doubles basic attack damage at the cost of 1 hp per attack. Restores 1 hp on basic attack hits.

(This item takes up the active item slot, although it has only a passive effect)

Regan's Lunchbox
Regan lunchbox

While held, non-basic attacks deal 50% more damage

(This item takes up the active item slot, although it has only a passive effect)

My Manuscript
Converts next three attacks to flurries of paper.
Necessary Lantern
Necessary lantern
Creates a drifting spotlight that amplifies damage dealt.
Schooner of Nightmare
Schooner nightmare
Summons gale winds that moves around the room damaging enemies and removing some hazards and obstacles.
Stolen Seconds
Stolen seconds
Refills juice boxes to max. Consumes seconds (one use only).
Student Treaty
Slows all enemies in room for 2 seconds.
The Emblem
Calls for avian assistance.

Passive Item ListEdit

Name Icon Effect
2.5 Ring Binder
Celebrate victory with flurries of paper.
A Better You
Better you
+1 life, adds an extra life.
Ahri's Binoculars
+15% base range.
Animal Sticker
Animal sticker
+20% crit chance.
Annoying Metal Puzzle
Annoying metal puzzle
+30% slow on hit.
Backer's Coinbox
Backers Coinbox

Unlocked by Kickstarter pack #1.

+36 Edgewood Meritorious Tokens.

Badly Etched Arrow
+1 chalk. Your chalk clouds now fire arrows.
Better Bug Collection
Better bug collection
Level up instantly after next room.
Bunsen Burner
Bunsen burner
Attacks may cause things to catch on fire.
Candelabra Matchsticks
Candelabra matchsticks
Rolling produces flames.
Cat's Cradle
+15% slow on hit.
Contraband Candle
Contraband candle
Increases light radius significantly.
Cookies of Discipline
Cookies discipline
Level up instantly on next floor.
Coris' Goggles
Coris goggles
Damage taken when confused reduced by 75%.
Crudely Traced Cloud
Crudely traced cloud
+1 Chalk. Your clouds are now electrically charged.
Cursed Art Supplies
Cursed art supplies
Attacks have a 5% likelihood of instant

killing an enemy.

Cy's Reflexive Dismay
Reflexive dismay
+12% dodge.

Dali's Sextant

Shots extend at random angles beyond end of attack range.
Disquieting Draught
Increases the amount Juice Boxes heal by 5. One of 3 identical items that empower juice boxes.
Doctor's Note
Doctor note
Juice boxes heal 50% more.
Donation Can
Donation can
+12 Edgewood Meritorious Tokens.
Dusty Throw Pillow
Dusty pillow
Mini-chalk clouds may spawn upon rolling.
Edgewood Hall Pass
100% Dodge on first attack in every room
Edgewood Plans
Edgewood plans

Identifies the location of the boss.

Also identifies upcoming bosses in between floors.

Elegiac Eraser
+1 Chalk. Chalk creates additional clouds away from origin point.
Escher's Compass
Shots ricochet.
Ever-ringing Bell
On-use items may randomly trigger, regardless of cooldown.
Eugene's Telescope
Eugene telescope
+20% base range.
Fear Flavored Packet
Juice boxes now also deal damage to all enemies.
Fedora of Crisis
Reduces all damage by 25% when under 25% life.
Fragile Bear
Max resist (100%), broken after taking 100 damage.
Fragile Glassware
Fragile glassware
Max crit chance (100%), broken after taking 80 damage.
Fragile Roly Poly
Max dodge (75%) when rolling, broken after taking 120 damage.
Frothy's End
Frothys end
Attacks may create fire waves.
Garbovan's Sense of Fear
Grabovan sense fear
+9% dodge.
Ghostly Marble
Shots penetrate through enemies
Gold Star
+10% Crit Chance.
Gourmet Turtle
+10% resist.
Hallow Day Pet
Enemy deaths may spawn a friendly pet.
Heedless Headlamp
Heedless headlamp
All enemies become light sources.
Hornbeast Steak
Hornbeast steak 001
Heal up to 20% of total HP after each floor.
Lobster of Foreboding
Lobster foreboding
+20% resist.
Mephi's Wickedness
Mephi wickedness
Increase credit gain by 300%
Merit Bracelet
Merit bracelet

6 kills in a row without missing grants +20% crit.

Merit Cut-Out

12 kills in a row without rolling awards +20% resist.

Merit Slippers
Merit slippers

18 kills in a row without using juice awards 15% dodge.

Mixing Thermos
Mixing thermos

Double juice box count and capacity. Reduces healing by 25%.

Natural Defense
Natural defense
Spawns a paper-based defense at the start of each floor.
Nevermore's Inkwell
Nevermore inkwell
Increases move and attack speed by 25% but decreases light radius.
Nimble Medallion
Dodging attacks rewards Edgewood Meritorious Tokens.
Parade Pinwheel
Parade pinwheel
Move speed bonuses also apply to attack range.
Poorly Drawn Juice Box
Poorly drawn juicebox
+1 Chalk. Your chalk clouds now heal you for standing in them (about 5% health per second).
Potato Battery
Potato battery
Creates a projectile slowing field.
Prodigal Photo Album
Prodigal photo album
+50% exp received.
Ray's General Anxiety
+6% dodge.
Relativity Sweetener
Relativity sweetener
Juice boxes now slow time temporarily.
Sad Chalking of Chalk
Chalking chalk
+1 chalk. 20% chance of not consuming chalk upon use.
Scepter of Discipline
Scepter discipline
+2 shots when not moving. Increases shot spread.
Secret Voice Recorder
Voice recorder
Heals 4% of life every 5 enemies killed
Sharp Pointy Gift
Adds additional shots when not moving and under 25% and 10% health.
Shy Stella's Diary
Shy stella diary
Heals 2% of life every 5 enemies killed
Shoddily Copied Coin
Shoddily copied coin
+1 chalk. Coin drops now spawn friendly chalk clouds.
Smiley Face
Smiley face
+15% crit chance.
Smoking Embers
Become enshrouded after killing an enemy, increasing dodge (75% for a second or two).
Sock Parrot
Sock parrot
+1 shot (when not moving).
Sock Snake
+1 shot (when not moving).
Sudsy's Ice Tray
Enemies shatter into three ice shards when destroyed.
Terrace Petting Fish
Attacking also creates bubbles.
Thank You Cards
+24 Edgewood Meritorious Tokens.
The Phony Symphony
Phony symphony
Musical notes (homing attack) can be heard at the end of a roll.
The Weeping Plant
Dodging or resisting attacks deals damage to all enemies
Thorned Clover
Doubles the value of every token pickup. Take 2 damage per pickup. (Does not count towards total damage for fragile or grading purposes)
Timeworn Sprocket
Timeworn sprocket
+30% slow on hit. Slowed enemies take damage over time.
Trapstem Roses
Gain thorns effect (damage to enemies on contact).
Trick-or-Sweet Bag
Items purchases occasionally come with bonus chalk.
Trick-or-Sweet Loot
Bosses occasionally come with bonus tokens.
Trick-or-Sweet Sack
Chests occasionally come with bonus juice.
Trust Walk Blindfold
Trust walk blindfold
+25% Attack Speed, slightly alters shot angle.
Unsettling Concoction
Unsettling concoction
Increases the amount Juice Boxes heal by 5. One of 3 identical items that empower juice boxes.
Used Knapsack
Used knapsack
+3 Juice box capacity.
Van de Graaff Playset
Discharges electricity periodically.
Vexing Vial
Vexing vial
Increases the amount Juice Boxes heal by 5. One of 3 identical items that empower juice boxes.
Vine-wrapped Bricks
Vine wrapped bricks
Rolling replaces next attack with a heavy-hitting brick.
Wandering Crab
Wandering crab
+15% resist.
Yorick's Skull
Yorick skull
Doubles XP received.
Yule-ish Wreath
Yuleish wreath
Thorns sprout behind you as you walk.
Zelo's Spectacles
+10% range.