Kitchen slimes are a special type of enemy that can appear only on Cafeteria floors, accompanying either Brogg or Woundwort factions. A living blob of spoiled potato stew, the slimes will simply hop around trying to land on Cordy, dealing contact damage. While in mid-air they are invulnerable.

Kitchen Slimes have no Leader variants.

Small slimes Edit

Small slimes will appear only during the Cauldron Of Yesterdayers and The Brick Pile boss fights. They are completely harmless and will die from any damage. They will move towards the boss and, upon reaching them, will heal the boss and disappear.

Dark slimesEdit

Dark slimes will appear only on hard mode, where they are summoned by Leaper's jumps. They behave similar to ordinary kitchen slimes, but will die from any damage and are not required to be finished off to open room doors.

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