Levitators are an enemy found on Capulet floors. They attack by throwing iceballs at Cordy. Since this enemy floats above the ground, the initial path of the projectile is not ended by contact with obstacles, but rather when it hits the wall. Upon hitting a wall, the iceball will split off into ice shards, not unlike the ricocheting projectile present in Sudsy the Inanimate's fight. These shards will disappear upon hitting an obstacle.

Leader VariantEdit

Levitator leaders, in addition to having increased health and damage, spawn 4 iceballs at once, and fire them one after another.

Leader NamesEdit

  • The Hovering Host
  • The Social Chair
  • The Utensil Whisperer

Hardmode ChangesEdit

During hard mode the regular version shoots 4 ice shards, same as the normal mode champion. The champion version shoots 8 ice shards. The intervall between the individual shots is not increased, so the shooting sequence takes longer.

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