A type of hazard, that can be found in Edgewood's dormitories. At first it appears as a dark hole in the floor. However, when Cordy approaches the hole a pale hand will spring out and sweep the area surrounding it in a clockwise pattern, damaging Cordy if it touches her. After that hand will hide back in the hole, leaving its fingers visible. During that short time hand is harmless and will not attack. After that it will hide its fingers and become dangerous again. The hands will try to damage Cordy even if there no enemies in the room.


Because the hands usually guard tight passages or pickups, the player can easily trigger their attack by moving close, dodge and then move past them while they are in their brief cool-down period.

The hands are inactive during the first couple of seconds, when Cordy enters the room.

The hands are also present during The Virtuoso boss fight, however the attacks of these hands are based off of specific patterns that vary with the amount of health the boss has remaining.

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