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The memory book contains all the lore pages you have collected. You can access the memory book from the main menu, or by pressing L (by default) in game. Lore pages contain information about the game world and its inhabitants. Each lore page also allows you to see the details of one achievement.

Obtaining Lore PagesEdit

There are three sources of lore pages:

  • Most bosses will drop the lore page describing them the first time they are defeated.
  • Memory rooms often contain other lore pages.
  • Whenever you encounter a new text screen (e.g. due to completing a chapter you haven't completed before) you will normally be given a lore page with a copy of the text.
Memory Book
Chapter 1
The Waking Floors#The AwakeningCauldron Of Yesterdayers#Cauldron Of YesterdayersOn The GroundsSudsy the Inanimate#Sudsy The InanimateOn BooksCandelabra Of Longing#Candelabra Of LongingThe BroggsThe Rise And Fall Of Queen CordyThe WoundwortsThe Case Of The Creaking TowerFrothy The Dragon#Frothy The DragonThe Case Of The Furious ChandelierSome Harmless MarkingsThe Case Of The Duplicitous DragonThe Arrival Day Gifts#The Arrival Day GiftsThe Case Of The Missing ChalkChapter 1
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Chapter 2
The Waking Floors#A Tale RevisedChapter 2
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Chapter 3
The Waking Floors#A Moment RewrittenChapter 3
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Chapter 4
The Waking Floors#A Dissolving SchoolChapter 4
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