My Manuscript

Item Type



"The student work was happily destroyed before boring anyone else."

Recharge Time:


Unlocked By:

A student's manuscript.


Turns the next three attacks into short-ranged paper flurry attacks that deal AoE damage when used. These attacks will also cause slight knockback, enough to keep most melee enemies at bay for a moment. Attacks will reflect from furniture, but will freely bypass swirler's, virtuoso's and hovercrab's shields.


Only starts recharging once you have used up all three attacks.


Picking up another active item before the three charges have been expended may cause the game to bug and not reload your basic attack, possibly leaving you defenseless in a room full of enemies. To prevent this, simply be sure to fire off a few shots before taking a new active item.

Item Log
Apple Experiment My Manuscript Student Treaty Cyndar's Time Key Broken Mirror Schooner of Nightmare Unsettling Concoction Disquieting Draught Vexing Vial Badly Etched Arrow Poorly Drawn Juice Box Crudely Traced Cloud Used Knapsack
Fragile Glassware Fragile Bear Fragile Roly Poly Ray's General Anxiety Garbovan's Sense of Fear Cy's Reflexive Dismay Merit Bracelet Merit Cut-Out Merit Slippers Contraband Candle Necessary Lantern Heedless Headlamp Escher's Compass
Trust Walk Blindfold Trapstem Roses Coris' Goggles Potato Battery Fedora of Crisis Prodigal Photo Album Yorick's Skull Cookies of Discipline Better Bug Collection Shy Stella's Diary Secret Voice Recorder Sock Snake Sock Parrot
Cursed Art Supplies Terrace Petting Fish Cat's Cradle Annoying Metal Puzzle Gourmet Turtle Wandering Crab Lobster of Foreboding Gold Star Smiley Face Animal Sticker Zelo's Spectacles Ahri's Binoculars Eugene's Telescope
Donation Can Thank You Cards Bunsen Burner Sudsy's Ice Tray Candelabra Matchsticks Goblet of Yesterdayers Scepter of Discipline The Emblem Thorned Clover Doctor's Note Hand of the Bloodfather Goneril's Mallet Regan's Lunchbox
Edgewood Plans Ghostly Marble Nevermore's Inkwell Mephi's Wickedness Van de Graaff Playset Sad Chalking of Chalk Shoddily Copied Coin Dali's Sextant Hornbeast Steak The Weeping Plant Sharp Pointy Gift Parade Pinwheel The Phony Symphony
Edgewood Hall Pass Electro-Distorter Stolen Seconds Relativity Sweetener Nimble Medallion Vine-wrapped Bricks Ever-ringing Bell Smoking Embers Fear Flavored Packet 2.5 Ring Binder Elegiac Eraser ??? Hallow Day's Call
Trick-or-Sweet Bag Trick-or-Sweet Sack Trick-or-Sweet Loot Hallow Day Pet Yule-ish Wreath Mixing Thermos Frothy's End Dusty Throw Pillow Timeworn Sprocket A Better You Admin's Enigma Natural Defense Backer's Coinbox

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