Shadowdroppers are an enemy from the Capulet faction. Shadowdroppers remain stationary and attack Cordy by firing two small fireballs periodically. Should the player try to get close to them, or if they find themselves under a stream of shots, they will seep into the ground and move somewhere else. When they do this, only the cap on their heads will be visible, allowing the player to track their location.

Shadowdroppers are invulnerable while in the ground. Shadowdroppers don't deal contact damage, but they can fire with very little delay which makes the player easier to hit at close range.

Leader variantEdit

Shadowdropper leaders will also darken the room (similar to pitch black floors) whenever they slide to evade your shots.

Leader names: Edit

Sylvester the Sliding

Milton the Melting

Flickering Denton

Hard modeEdit

During hard mode, shadowdroppers will shoot more often.

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