A type of hazard commonly found in the Classrooms and rarely in Woundwort dormitories. As name implies, its a big globe covered with spikes. Upon entering a room with them, the globes will start moving in random directions, bouncing off walls and obstacles, blocking projectiles (both Cordy's and any enemy's) and dealing contact damage. When a globe collides with a small prop object, (desk, stool, etc.), it will destroy the prop while also bouncing off of it. In some rooms with these, enemies will be behind the wall of small props, forcing you to wait until globes will destroy said props if Cordy doesn't have other means to kill them. Spiked Globes also appear in a few types of challenge rooms. Spiked Globes will continue to move even without the presence of any actual enemies.


Before v439 the globes could be permanently erased with chalk.

During the Woundwort Fortress fight on Hard mode, the building to the right of the fortress will shoot these instead of the small globes without spikes. The Spiked globes that are spawned will remain active during the duration of the fight, and have also been found to remain even after The fortress and Goneril are defeated.

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