Sudsy the Inanimate is a Chapter 1 boss encountered on Cafeteria floors.

The FightEdit

Sudsy is only a little bit harder than Frothy. Instead of using fire he uses ice. At the begining of the fight he, like Frothy, floats up and down vertically on one side of the screen. There is a shard of ice bouncing around the screen as well. Eventually Sudsy will summon a big, spikey ice glacier somewhere near or on where you are standing.

Dodge the initial spawn of the ice and then duck behind it. A few seconds after bringing up the glacier he will fire off a blizzard of ice shards all down the screen from one side to another. You must be behind the glacier or you will take damage. He will then charge from one side of the screen to the other and the glacier will shatter into multiple pieces of ice that expand outward in a circle.

The biggest hazard that I noticed in this fight is the free floating ice shard that bounces around the whole fight. If you don't keep an eye on it, it will hit you. The Achievement is obtained by being near him on the vertical axis when the ice spike you hide behind spawns. If he touches the spike, he takes damage. Kill him in that way, and you gain the achievement.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode this boss spawns two glacial spikes and two flying ice shards.


A Dish Best Served Cold

Finish Sudsy the Inanimate with his own glacial spike

Unlocks: Mercantilism (Lesson)


Sudsy the Inanimate

In the aftermath of the Frothy incident at the Winter Musical, several students were dismayed to see that the Administrators had commissioned a second dragon sculpture for the Ice Carnival two weeks later. These hold-outs refused to attend, leading the Administrators to criticize their 'primitive superstition and very un-Edgewoodlike cowardice.' Ultimately they were carried to the terraces against their will, so that they could see for themselves that this new dragon represented no threat.
Following the destruction caused by the second dragon, the Administrators suggested that any mishaps were likely the result of a few ungrateful students bringing bad luck down on themselves and their friends.