Teslatanks are an enemy from The Gifted faction. Teslatanks will slowly move towards the player, periodically stopping for a short time and shooting a pair of large lighting balls. They can also use this attack in quick succession, creating up to six lightning balls at once. The lighting balls hone in on Cordy's position, gradually gaining speed. They can destroy props on the floor, and upon hitting a wall or prop the lightning balls will break apart into smaller sparks. Teslatanks have the additional ability to create energy shields (usually at the end of their attacks), that will block oncoming damage from the player.

Unlike the Reflector's shields however, the Teslatank's shield won't block piercing shots, prevent status effects like slow or instant death from being induced, or retaliate with sparks. The Teslatank's shield will dissipate after a short time (usually when it's about to start its next attack). Due to its short moments of vulnerability and the way its attacks can take up space, Teslatanks can be very annoying to deal with.

Leader variantEdit

Leader Teslatanks will also create a vast field of rotating electric sparks around themselves (mainly to the left and right from himself) at the end of their attack. These sparks initially appear transparent and will become solid after a couple of seconds, thus giving the player time to get out of their reach.

Leader names: Edit

Laughter and Lighting

The Savvy Shocker

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