The Brick Pile
This boss will the moment you step into the room, charge at you. Afterwards he will start throwing two projectiles at you, when they hit the walls they will explode into tiny shards flying outwards. After taking some damage, he will collapse and summon miniatures of himself that will run around and start exploding. This sends shards around them and summons three slimes that will head towards the boss and heal upon contact, like Cauldron of Yesterdayers but they wont heal for as much. He will then reform himself and start charging and throwing Projectiles again. This can happen three times during the fight, whereas he will spawn more miniatures per collapse. Nothing can be damaging in these phases except for the slimes.


Leftovers - Yuck!

Defeat The Brick Pile without letting any slime return.

Reward: Sugars (Class)


The Brick Pile

Students punished with portions of Yesterdayers stew will sometimes smuggle their bowls out to the terrace, where they can discretely pour them out onto an old brick pile.
The terrace ivy has taken to the stew, and the brick pile is covered in overlapping vines.
The Administrators say that the loud cracks coming from the terrace are leftover fireworks from the Summer Merriment, but many students believe that the bricks and ivy are assembling themselves into something terrible. The enormous rectangular footprints that appear in the dirt each morning lend to support to this latter theory.