The Disciplined is a Chapter 2 boss encountered on Dorm floors.


The Disciplined all represent chess pieces and their movement is limited by the chess piece they represent. As such, the Rooks can only move horizontally and vertically, the bishops can only move diagonally, and the king can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally (only in short quick bursts though). The fight starts off with just the King. At different milestones throughout the fight he will summon up to Two chess pieces, One Rook and One Bishop.

These summoned chess pieces will try to ram into you dealing contact damage but as mentioned earlier they can only move certain directions, they often wont move unless they can travel directly to your location. The King is the only statue that can be destroyed and the fight is over when the King is defeated, the other statues can still block your attacks however.

The King very quickly moves a short distance about once a second, every time the King moves he fires two projectiles in your general direction. This fight is generally considered to be difficult, it can be hard to hit the King due to his quick and random movements, he summons other enemies to attack you, he can take a significant amount of damage, he attacks quickly and all attacks in this fight don't hit lightly.

Hard ModeEdit

In Hard Mode The Disciplined will summon an additional knight and rook, making a total of four.


A Scholar's Mate

Defeat The Disciplined King in under 75 seconds

Reward: Severity


The Disciplined

Several days after last year's Harrowing Eve Celebration celebration, the Head of Punishment at Edgewood locked himself in the detention room with a group of the school's most problematic students. Over the course of a week he coerced them into human re-enactments of classic chess openings on the tiled floor. The obedient ones rose up to knights and rooks while the less cooperative remained pawns.
Eventually the Administrators ordered the door broken down and the Head of Punishment replaced, as the situation was unfair to students who required punishment but could not access the room. The students involved were never found.


People have seen the King go through walls only to suddenly reappear in the middle of the arena.


The Disciplined (Hard Mode)

The Disciplined (Hard Mode)