Friendly foot stools

Some students claim that they've awoken to a cacophony of muffled clacking noises and low shapes moving through the dormitories. While these reports are generally ridiculed or ignored, it is true that the footstools seem to disappear as quickly as the groundskeepers can replace them.

One theory is that the Administrators have devised some kind of hideous creature tasked with enforcing curfews. A minority believe that Regan may be responsible, noting the hundreds of dozens of disjointed snake diagrams that have been observed in her notebooks. This last argument seems far-fetched, given the strict house regulations about attempting to communicate with Edgewood's furniture.


If You Can Dodge A Foot Stool:

Defeat the Friendly Foot Stools without taking damage.

Reward: Ducking (Class)


The Friendly Foot Stools are one of the only bosses to lack projectiles, as a result they can only damage you by contact. They have two methods of traveling through the room. They will start the battle by forming a snake that crawls quickly around the room, when in snake formation they're unable to move diagonally. The stools can also scatter and fly around the room slowly in random directions. The head of the snake (the stool flipped on its side that resembles a face) is the only stool that can be damaged and when it is destroyed the battle ends.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the head of the boss still moves after the snake has split up and it has more health.


If you pause the game, every stool will continue its course toward the head, stopping there. This however does not work while the stools split up.