THe Imaginaries
The boss itself is a labyrinth of statues depicting various enemies throughout the game. Immediately upon entering the room one of the statues will turn green and take the appearance of a girl that does not appear as an enemy anywhere else. There will also be a number of projectiles spawning.

The projectiles are semi-homing, e.g. they won't follow you around, but try to angle themselves to hit you. Upon getting hit they will do no damage, but drain 20 move speed. Should your move speed reach below zero, you will take tremendous amounts of damage (50+ dmg.) This also seems to ignore the invulnerability timer.

If you're standing in the same place without moving for a certain amount of time, the boss will spawn a patch of fire below you with an animation similar to Frothy's, (a red X that burst into flames.) However, the flames will not trail after you like Frothy's will.

Only the green statue can be hurt. It will also teleport and take the place of another statue. This appears to be on a random timer, but not less that 5–7 seconds.


  • If you die because your move speed goes below zero and you possess the Telltale-Extra-Heart, you'll resurrect and immediately start taking damage again.
  • Because the statues limit your freedom and force you to follow a certain pattern, combined with the Library's inherent Underlit condition, it can be very hard to reach the boss in time to deal damage or to evade the projectiles. It may be useful to simply wait for the boss to move into a better position than to follow him around.
  • Since the projectiles do no damage, you can also choose to ignore them and rush the boss. If you've enough move speed or damage, but low health, this is probably the best strategy.


A Roc and A Hard Place

Defeat The Imaginaries with less than 50 move speed remaining

Reward: Schadenfreude (Class)


The Imaginaries

Several years ago, a dormitory of Edgewood students began to suffer from what appeared to be a collective nightmare. Multiple children described a dream in which they wandered though a great hall filled with statues of their peers.
While minor details differed, all complained of a terrible sense of foreboding. As the hysteria spread, many begged for transfers to other parts of the building. Further inquiry came to a halt when the dormitory itself, and all of its inhabitants, vanished. The groundskeepers assigned to clean the bunks found only an empty wall where the door had been the day before.
The Administrators referred to this as a "unique, unpredictable, and tragically unavoidable occurence," and have refused to connect the phenomena to similar dormitory disappearances in the past, or the growing collection of lifelike statues in the library.