Malady Ward
Your opponents in this boss fight are a doctor named Specialist Fenwick and a group of burlap dummies. Speciallist Fenwick is the actual boss and the fight is over when he is defeated.

Fenwick doesn't attack you directly. The burlap dummies spend the fight chasing after you attacking with projectiles. What Fenwick does is he revives the burlap dummies if they're defeated.

The lights during the boss fight will slowly switch on and off. While the lights are off you can't see the location of the doctor or the dummies (unless you have Heedless Headlamp) and the doctor will spawn additional, invulnerable turquoise dummies that will disappear when the lights turn back on.


The Healer is No Threat

Finish off Specialist Fenwick with atleast four patients unconcious.

Reward: Emptiness (Lesson)

Former Achievement: Lights Out - Finish off both doctors in the same dark phase.


Students who become ill during classes can visit the Malady Ward. Here a team of doctors supposedly works day and night caring for residents of the manor.  No student in memory has been admitted for treatment. A cob-webbed sign reading 'APOLOGIES WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL' hangs on the door. Piles of burlap dummies fill the waiting room.
The administrators rarely acknowledge complaints about the Malady Ward. "Our students should be grateful for their good health," they say. "and in any event the current patients are almost ready to rejoin the Edgewod community.


The Malady Ward02:20

The Malady Ward

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