Obsolete Operator
The Obsolete Operator is a Chapter 2 boss, meaning that he will not appear until after you have defeated Fortress Woundwort and Goneril for the first time. He is located in the Classrooms.


The Obsolete Operator is not an especially difficult boss, but the enemies he spawns can be overwhelming at times. His main attack is to drive his arm into the ground. When he does this, several circles will appear around your character. After a short period of time, wire spikes will shoot out of the ground at the locations of these holes, damaging you if you are hit.

He will repeat this move several times. Once the Obsolete Operator takes a set amount of damage, he will spawn various Brogg enemies at the doors located around the arena.

Hard ModeEdit

Instead of only spawning Broggs, The Obsolete Operator also spawns enemies from the Capulets,Woundworts and The Gifted factions. His spike attack remains the same.


Taking Out The Trash

Defeat the Obsolete Operator with five or more trash can Broggs still alive.

Reward: Criticism (Lesson)


Edgewood students may not use the house elevator under any circumstances. Instead of a control panel, a free-standing mechanical creature waits inside the car and controls its movements. It is unclear whether the elevator's creators installed the operator as well, or if the device somehow sprouted organically from the collection of gears and fan-belts and wires beneath the car. The appearance of new elevator doors in various points of the manor and attendant cranks and groaning sounds, suggest that the elevator is pushing itself through the house like a root system. Some insist that the muffled rasping coming from the walls is the operator sobbing.


The Obsolete Operator (Hard Mode)

The Obsolete Operator (Hard Mode)