The Virtuoso is a Chapter 3 boss, meaning you must have defeated Regan at least once before unlocking it. The Virtuoso is located on Dorm floors.

The FightEdit

The Virtuoso sits at the back center of the room. It can only be damaged by hiting the central keyboard, attacking the pipes does nothing. The seat of the organ moves horizontally and blocks attacks, it gets faster throughout the fight.

The virtuoso doesn't damage you directly, the note projectiles it creates confuse you. The damage in this fight comes from the hands scattered around the room, unlike the other hands in the Dorm these ones follow patterns rather then being triggered by proximity. The hands stick out of the ground for a couple of seconds before they actually attack.

The patterns of the attacks change throughout the fight. To start off with the hands attack different areas around the room without covering too much of it. When the boss has lost a third of its health the hands will begin to attack in a sweeping motion forcing you to travel left and right repeatedly. After the boss has lost most of its health then large sections of the room will be attacked by the hands at the same time.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the Virtuoso has more health and will, in addition to its regular notes, send out clusters of light purple notes. These notes will deal damage in addition to the confuse effect.


Who Needs Rhythm

Defeat The Virtuoso while confused

Reward: 250 credits


The Virtuoso

As the Edgewood Home for Lost Children is constantly under renovation, groundskeeping teams on construction projects frequently discover forgotten rooms. On several occasions they have broken through a collapsed wall to see the music hall, a cavernous space that houses a hulking pipe organ. Each time the hole is hastilly resealed with boards and bags of sand. No one knows what would happen if the organ were to begin to play before the gap was closed. It is likely that the instrument is harmless, and rumours of a malignant spirit player unfounded.
Several students note that the music hall has been reopened in wildly different sections of the house, evidence that Edgewood runs contrary to certain principles of architecture and reality.