Winged overseer
As you enter the room, you will find yourself battling against the winds, as they are making you slide around the room. There is also a large number of eggs that will hatch over time or by attacking them, these birds will try to fly at you dealing damage and can be destroyed. The boss will come from either left side or right side and stay at a point, starting to fire three red birds in a row against you. After a couple of shots, the boss will fly over to the other side, where lines will appear on the floor and the boss will come rushing through them. The boss will then repeat until killed.


And Then There Were None

Defeat The Winged Overseer with 10 or more small birds still alive.

Reward: Revenge (Class)

Hard ModeEdit

During hard mode this boss attacks with five red birds rather then three.


The Winged Overseer

Long talon marks are sometimes visible in the dirt on the terraces, as if a huge bird of some sort had swooped down and snatched something up from the gardens. Shrill hunting cries echo down from above the clouds.
For this reason, students are particularly wary of early evening recreational periods."More nonsense and rumors," the Administrators say, "and we are increasingly disappointed by your cowardice. Now, a moment of respectful silence for the six students that disappeared during outside time this week.