Vanishers are a type of Capulet enemy, exclusive to terrace floors. Vanishers will teleport around the room conjuring up large lighting balls between teleports. These balls will hone in on Cordy's position, gaining more speed over time. When the lightning ball collides with an object, be it a wall or prop, it will separate into a circle of six smaller sparks that travel outward in a wave-like pattern.

Vanishers always try to appear at a certain distance from Cordy, and usually appear in the direction she was moving.

Leader variantEdit

In addition to increased health and damage, leader vanishers will also set fire to wherever they are standing. These fires will linger on after the vanisher teleports to a new location and there can be up to four spots on fire at a time.

Leader names: Edit

The Mysterious K

Karl the Vanished

The Ironic Appearance

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the leader varient will spawn fire that follows Cordy, similar to Frothy.

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